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Associate Membership Program

The NCDA works with government and various organizations around the province that reinforce the BC dealer’s role as significant contributors to provincial and local economies, along with their many community and philanthropic efforts. NCDA works diligently to deliver value for membership dues and regularly communicates successes to member dealers.

Results For Your Business

The Association represents more than 390 new car and truck dealers throughout British Columbia who contribute over $2.9 Billion to provincial GDP each year ($2 Billion in 2010) and more than $16.9 Billion in retail sales.

Associate Members play a vital part in helping us achieve our vision. All of our Associate Members provide vital products or services to Dealer Members, which allow them to do business with greater cost effectiveness, environmental responsibility, or general efficiency. With your involvement and support, we are stronger in our efforts to ensure a vibrant retail automotive market place and a prosperous dealer network.

In recognition of the contribution made by Associate Members, you are afforded unique access to member dealers. You will have access to our Dealer Members through our recognized and popular mediums including our quarterly SIGNALS publication, our weekly “News for New Car Dealers” e-newsletter, annual industry events, and other ad-hoc opportunities as they present themselves throughout the year.

We welcome you to contribute articles for our SIGNALS magazine, website, etc.

For ads and article submissions, please contact us (604.214.9964; jpeters@newcardealers.ca). Your articles and ads reachkey decision makers at dealerships and government members around the province (see enclosed Rate Card here). View the latest Signals copy here.

What Are the Benefits to Being an Associate Member? Read out it here.

I’d like to apply as an Associate Member. How?

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