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Association Past-Chairman, Jim Inkster, Celebrates 40 Years

Association Past-Chairman, Jim Inkster, Celebrates 40 Years

June 13, 2012

The Dealer Principal of Inland Chrysler Dawson Creek was honoured  [May 30] for 40 years of service.

“It is a very nice recognition of the time I’ve spent here, it’s great and I appreciate it very much,” said Inkster who has been with the dealership since it opened February 2, 1972.

Inkster says he didn’t expect to be in the business as long as he has, but he’s always enjoyed doing it, so the years piled up easily.

“I never really thought about it, recognition of 25 years – that too was a surprise. I don’t know what triggers these milestones – they are just years on the calendar, but they [feel] more real when they are recognized.”

He couldn’t put his finger on one particular secret to his success, but attributed a lot of it to those around him.

“I’ve been fortunate to have a staff that has always been solid, when you have good staff and the customer-base has been as loyal as they have things work out,” said Inkster. “There is always ups and downs and we seemed to have worked them out, but there has always been good staff, and a good corporation that has always been there for me.”

Inkster – who has been the outright owner since the mid-70s – says he probably won’t make it to 50 years, but even to this day enjoys the competitiveness of the industry.

“One thing about it is no one writes you a cheque at the beginning of the month, and says ‘Here use it all up’ – what you do is earn it,” said Inkster about owning a dealership.

Forty years will provide anyone with a lot of valuable experience, but Inkster admits he’s still working to catch up on today’s technology.

“I’m learning how to use a Samsung Pad to do business, and that’s a pretty steep learning curve,” said Inkster who remembers using a Teletype to order parts.

“Things nowadays you deal with in real-time.”


Editorial re-printed with permission.

Dawson Creek Daily News

Brock Campbell, Staff Writer

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