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BC Government Announces New Incentive Program for Businesses

BC Government Announces New Incentive Program for Businesses

August 13, 2020

British Columbia continues to have a leadership role in electric vehicle (EV) sales. It is the result of a positive partnership between new car dealers and the province, one that has collectively encouraged and supported increasing adoption of EVs among consumers.

As of late last year, there were 30,000 EV’s on the road in the province and I expect to see this number continue to increase over the coming years, as more and more consumers are looking to go green.

Through the CleanBC Go Electric Vehicle Rebate Program (formerly CEVforBC), the NCDA has worked with the government to create incentives and competition between dealerships across the province to determine who can reach the highest level of sales of clean energy vehicles, across all brands. The focal point of the partnership is the CleanBC Go Electric Vehicle Rebate Program which provides a point of sale purchase incentive on new clean energy vehicles – and is successfully administered by the NCDA and its members.

Much of this increase in purchasing of EV’s in the province can be attributed to the great incentive programs we have adopted through CleanBC. These incentive programs have now been widened to include more BC businesses that may want to go green.

Last week the government sent out a news release encouraging more businesses to continue the fight to a greener province and encouraged them to go electric with their vehicle fleets, as they announced an additional $2 million in funding through the CleanBC Speciality-Use Vehicle Incentive.

Through the program, government is making cleaner options more affordable and aim to increase the use of EV’s in how people get around not only personally, but with their businesses.

Eligible specialty-use vehicles include electric passenger buses, airport and port service vehicles, motorcycles, low-speed utility trucks, and heavy-duty transport trucks. Rebates range from $1,700 to $50,000 per vehicle and are available for businesses, local and regional governments, and non-profit organizations that are purchasing five or fewer vehicles.

It is a fantastic move by CleanBC to further incentivize consumers and businesses to take a step in the right direction and work towards a cleaner future. The program supports businesses and fleets in adopting specialty-use electric vehicles.

One of the most notable businesses that has already taken part in the incentive program is Harbour Seaplanes, who have purchased a fully electric, zero-emission passenger shuttle bus to use to drop off and pick passengers up around Vancouver. It’s a great step in the right direction and I hope to see more companies follow suite!

Stay safe and be kind, everyone!

Blair Qualey is President and CEO of the New Car Dealers Association of BC. You can email him at bqualey@newcardealers.ca.

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