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BC Paid Sick Leave Program – Resources for Employers

BC Paid Sick Leave Program – Resources for Employers

January 5, 2022

Effective January 1, 2022, employees covered by the Employment Standards Act (Act) in BC are entitled to up to 5 days of employer paid leave for personal illness and injury per year.

Here’s What Business Needs to Know
The new provision provides for 5 paid sick leave days per year for employees that have been employed for 90 days or more. This also includes part time workers. This leave will also replace the temporary 3 days of paid sick leave that employees are currently entitled to, but be in addition to the 3 days of unpaid sick leave. The NCDA’s partner and signature HR program for members by DealerPilot, have compiled a list of FAQs for members.

Additional commentary for businesses to consider and resource links:

  • Considerations for business, provided by KSW Law. Read more in the link here.
  • BC Employment Standards Branch (ESB) website – information for employees and employers regarding the application of the new paid sick leave entitlement, including eligibility criteria and how to calculate an “average day’s pay” – click here.

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