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Cannabis May Be Legal – But Driving High Is Not

Cannabis May Be Legal – But Driving High Is Not

October 15, 2018

Cannabis May Be Legal – But Driving High Is Not, Stresses BC’s New Car Dealers

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(October 15, 2018) Vancouver – The Cannabis Act will officially become law this week, legalizing the recreational use of marijuana in Canada. However, the CEO and President of the New Car Dealers Association of BC (NCDA) is stressing the landmark decision should in no way be confused with the fact that getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while impaired still remains illegal.

Transport Canada reports the percentage of Canadian drivers killed in vehicle crashes who tested positive for drugs (40%) now actually exceeds the numbers who test positive for alcohol (33%) – and impaired driving is the leading criminal cause of death and injury in Canada.

“Most of us are accustomed to seeing television ads and public service announcements about the dangers of drinking and driving,” said NCDA President and CEO Blair Qualey. It’s a message that has made its way into our subconscious. In the same manner, all drivers, young and old, need to get the same message about driving high on cannabis.”

Every motorist has experienced a range of situations in which their ability to act quickly and decisively was the difference between a safe outcome and an accident. Consuming any substance that may impair your ability to respond to a child jumping in front of you or a vehicle swerving unexpectedly is simply irresponsible.

“All drivers need to get the message that any level of impairment is not okay. To teenagers, young adults, parents and grandparents – let’s please work together to keep BC’s roads safe,” concluded Qualey.

About the New Car Dealers Association of BC: The NCDA is the provincial industry association that represents more than 390 new car and truck dealers throughout BC. Members of the Association directly employ over 30,000 British Columbians and are responsible for close to $16 billion in retail sales. The Association speaks on behalf of the retail new automotive industry to the public, media, and government, and deals primarily with the legal, environmental, and consumer issues relating to vehicle sales in British Columbia.


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