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Membership Benefits

Both government and non-government organizations recognize NCDA as a strong and effective voice for the province’s franchise automobile dealers. Our purpose is to ensure that Member interests are strongly represented to consumers, government and manufacturers. With strength in numbers, NCDA provides more political clout to Members than is possible by individual dealerships.

NCDA formulates positions on industry issues, liaises with government ministries, supplies current industry information to members, provides professional programs for members, and maintains public awareness of the industry.

Are you a BC franchised new car dealer and interested in becoming a Member of the NCDA? Email us at: info@newcardealers.ca for more information.

Are you a company or organization that provides key services and products to BC’s New Car Dealers? Learn more about Associate Membership here.

Membership Programs

Member Dealers of the NCDA have the opportunity to join signature health benefit programs such as HR Automation by DealerPILOT and CADA 360.

About HR Automation

  • CADA 360 HR Automation is the all-in-one HR and compliance awareness solution created just for car dealers.
  • CADA 360 HR Automation is based on DealerPILOT’s proven HR and health and safety monitoring product.
  • Many dealerships have already taken advantage of DealerPILOT to streamline their routine management and monitoring activities.
  • No other provider offers all these options in one complete package.

HR Automation takes manual, time-consuming tasks, and simplifies and automates them.

  • Onboarding, scheduling, health and safety monitoring, plus time sheet management and even biometrics, are all available with CADA 360 HR Automation.
  • HR Automation’s dashboard enables HR to check each employee’s status at any time.
  • Activities and processes that used to be handled manually and as one-offs are now more integrated and automated than ever before.

Want to learn more about HR Automation? Contact the NCDA: info@newcardealers.ca

Download the flyer/factsheet here.

About CADA 360

CADA delivers the best specialized plan for dealers in Canada. The plan is managed by dealers for the benefit of dealers. CADA has been offering employee benefits to new car and truck dealers since 1950. Nationally, CADA insures 72,000+ employees plus their family members in over 1,850 dealerships.

As the dealer landscape changes the scope of the CADA 360 plan has changed to reflect both the needs of large dealer groups as well as the needs of the single point dealer.

Best in Benefits

  • No risk to dealers, plan is fully insured.
  • Lowest expenses in the market – that means lower rates today and at renewal.
  • Well-funded reserves, established and reviewed by actuaries – offers long term stability, making sure the plan is sustainable.
  • Flexible plan design – dealers choose a plan design based on the dealership’s needs.
  • High Non-Evidence Maximums – get the insurance needed without proof of good health.
  • Retiree Travel Coverage guaranteed acceptance and coverage for life.
  • Dealers’ best interests are our best interest – CADA 360 is a dealer designed and managed program to meet the needs of dealers across Canada.

Learn more about 360?
Contact the NCDA: info@newcardealers.ca

Karen O’Connell
Director, Governance & Plan Management,
CADA 360 Health & Welfare Trust

1.800.463.5289 Ext. 236

Member Dealers and SCRAP-IT! 

As a New Car Dealer Member, BC dealerships can access the SCRAP-IT Program and offer the incentives to their customers.
To learn more about the program, click here.

Dealer Members with New Car Dealers Association

We represent more than 390 New Car Dealers throughout British Columbia.