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New Car Dealers Applaud Balanced Budget

New Car Dealers Applaud Balanced Budget

February 17, 2015

A Sound and Credible Plan for BC

(Vancouver, BC) February 17, 2015: British Columbia’s new car dealers are applauding today’s provincial budget focused on jobs and growth, calling it a sound and credible fiscal plan based on prudent economic assumptions which will increase BC’s competitiveness.

“In this budget, the government has continued to strike a good balance between supporting important services while being only one of two Provinces to maintain a balanced budget with a surplus,” said Blair Qualey, President and CEO, New Car Dealers Association of BC (NCDA). “This marks the third consecutive year BC has balanced its budget and the Minister has presented a sound and credible plan, signalling BC is open for business.”

“2014 retail sales are recognized as driving the B.C. economy, helped by record breaking auto sales at BC’s new car dealerships where the second highest number of vehicles were sold in Canada,” said President Qualey. “New car dealers are doing their part in contributing to public services and are having a making a significant impact on B.C’s unemployment rate, among the lowest in Canada.”

“A balanced budget puts B.C. in the enviable position of increasing investments in not only health, education, jobs and skills training but also a plan to pay down debt,” said President Qualey. In the next seven years, half of the estimated million new jobs in BC will require technical and trades training. Car dealerships require a diverse array of skilled people to fill the many job openings.

“The Association applauds the government’s focus on skills and training with the skills to jobs plan,” added President Qualey. “Today’s budget takes the right steps towards equipping people entering car careers in a highly sophisticated and technologically advanced industry offering secure, above average wages close to home. New car dealers congratulate the Minister on his blueprint to maintain B.C.’s competitive edge.”

About the New Car Dealers Association of BC: The NCDA is the provincial industry association that represents more than 350 new car and truck dealers throughout British Columbia. Members of the Association directly employ over 36,000 British Columbians and are responsible for close to $11 billion of retail sales in the province. The Association speaks on behalf of the retail new automotive industry to the public, media, and government, and deals primarily with the legal, environmental, and consumer issues relating to vehicle sales in British Columbia.

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