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Staying Cool this Summer

Staying Cool this Summer

July 3, 2020

Though summer officially started on June 20, we’re only just starting to see some hot weather here in BC. However, this isn’t always just fun and games! In the dog days of summer, as temperatures rise, traffic increases and drivers need to fight the temptation to drive aggressively.

So how do you counter the heat and frustration and not let it get under your skin?

Condition yourself to the reality that there are some things in your control and others that you have no control over.

We all have our favorite summer destinations, and suffering through traffic jams is the price we gladly pay for getting there. So, plan your route in advance by checking out DriveBC.ca for the latest information on driving conditions, any construction projects that may create delays and weather conditions – and give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination.

If traveling with the family and/or young ones, carve out time for meals or a visit to a local attraction to break up the monotony of a long trip. Remember to check what is open and what is not – as many restrictions still apply, even in Phase 3 of the BC re-opening plan.

Congested roads make for harder driving conditions and greater potential for aggressive driving and road rage. Likewise, vacationing drivers are often unfamiliar with the roads, which can lead to erratic or unpredictable decisions, so in both cases, give them a wide berth. Though there may not be as many vacationers this year, due to international travel restrictions, it is still something to be mindful of.

We all know that when the summer mood kicks in, we want to drive faster and enjoy the wind, but this rush of adrenaline comes at the great cost of endangering the lives of those around us. Use caution and observe speed limits.

When driving in your own community during the hot summer months, it’s easy to lose your cool as other drivers may cut you off or duck into a parking stall ahead of you. Keep your cool. Take a deep breath – because an accident or potential altercation isn’t worth it.

When you park your vehicle, make sure to take your kids or pets along. Even a few minutes can turn a locked car into a sauna. The vast majority of vehicular heatstroke victims are three-years of age or younger and this is the time of year when adults need to be extra vigilant.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record to those who read these columns on a regular basis, please exercise caution during these hot months when the forest fire danger becomes extreme – and butt out cigarettes appropriately.

Summer is definitely meant to be enjoyed to the fullest, but with a little planning and caution, it should also be safe for everyone.

Have fun, be calm and stay safe out there!

Blair Qualey is President and CEO of the New Car Dealers Association of BC. You can email him at bqualey@newcardealers.ca





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