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Western Canada’s Only E85 Ethanol Fuel Station Opens

Western Canada’s Only E85 Ethanol Fuel Station Opens

August 18, 2014

For years, car companies have been manufacturing vehicles capable of running on high-level ethanol blends. The challenge for owners has often been finding the proper fuel to fill them.

That’s changing in BC with the grand opening this weekend of Arcade Station at 4370 Marine Drive in West Vancouver, which is being hailed as Western Canada’s only gas station selling E85 Ethanol fuel.

“E85 is a revolutionary alternative to fossil fuel based gasoline that simultaneously improves a vehicle’s performance while producing fewer harmful emissions,” says Conal Campbell, Arcade Station’s vice president of business development. “We are proud to be the only station providing E85 and excited to bring this innovative fuel alternative to the Greater Vancouver market.”

E85 fuel is made up of 85 per cent ethanol and 15 per cent regular fuel. The ethanol is refined from corn, making E85 a renewable alternative to fossil fuels.

Flexible fuel vehicles are designed to run on E85. Ford, Chrysler, General Motors and other auto companies manufacture E85 vehicles with the “FlexFuel” badge on the vehicle and gas cap. Some car enthusiasts also convert their fuel systems to accept E85, to experience improved performance.

With the exception of a few engine and fuel system modifications, flexible fuel vehicles are identical to gasoline-only ones. It’s worth noting that, since E85 has about 30 per cent less energy per gallon, the fuel efficiency will be 30 per cent less.

That said, E85 compatible vehicles experience acceleration improvements, cleaner intake valves and fuel injectors, and reduced knocking and pinging. And, because E85 contains 35 per cent oxygen, it burns cleaner and more completely than gasoline, while producing fewer emissions.

“Vancouver is home to a large and proud group of car enthusiasts who have, or are interested in, converting their vehicles to FlexFuel for the performance and environmental benefits,” says Amir Nazary, vice president of engineering for Arcade Station.

He said FlexFuel modified vehicles owners have been driving to Marysville, north of Seattle, to purchase E85, until now. “The level of enthusiasm for Arcade Station and its E85 is tremendous,” he says.

Arcade Station also sells regular and diesel fuel. The iconic station with its retro pumps has been around since the 1960s. Today, its new owners are focused on providing E85 to a large consumer community.

The Canadian Renewable Fuel Association is also promoting the opening of Arcade Station for its willingness to invest in the fuelling infrastructure needed to ensure the environmental benefits of higher renewable content blends.

The station owners are celebrating the launch with a grand opening on Sunday Aug. 17 from 10 am to 4pm with a barbeque, contests, and unique collection of vehicles and owners from throughout the Lower Mainland.

For more information please visit: www.arcadestation.ca

Blair Qualey is President and CEO of the New Car Dealers Association of BC. You can email him at bqualey@newcardealers.ca.

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