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Environmental Programs

NCDA members are leaders in environmental and technological innovation. And the Association is pleased to administer the CleanBC Go Electric Program on behalf of the province of BC.

The Provincial Government set out a bold vision regarding electric vehicle (EV) adoption and that goal continues. This year, the NCDA is honoured to mark the ten-year anniversary of administering the EV purchase rebate program on behalf of the province, a period during which British Columbia has become a leader in EV sales in North America.
More than 50,000 rebates and EVs on the road provided under the program! Learn more about the program and qualifying vehicles.

CleanBC Go Electric

The CleanBC Go Electric point of sale rebate program—previously CEVforBC—is administered by the New Car Dealers Association of BC on behalf of the province of BC. The program includes point-of-sale rebates for plug-in hybrid, electric, and fuel cell vehicles. BC residents, businesses, non-profit organizations, and local government organizations who purchase or lease qualifying new vehicles are eligible for rebates. Battery electric vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles with a battery range of 85 kilometers or higher are eligible for the full rebate amount of $3,000, and plug-in hybrids with a battery range of less than 85 kilometers are eligible for a rebate of $1,500. The New Car Dealers CleanBC Go Electric Vehicle Rebate Program will continue until funds are depleted.

To read more about the Government of British Columbia’s CleanBC programs, click here.

Contact Information
Toll-free: 1.844.423.8422
Local: 604.214.9964 x224
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