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Thornhill, ON – July 2019

Canadian Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) Chair Perry Itzcovitch announced today that Aziz Ahamed of Destination Auto Group, Burnaby, BC, has won the 2019 CADA Laureate dealer recognition award for Business Innovation.

The Laureate award is considered to be the highest honour a new car and truck dealer can receive over the course of his or her career. Itzcovitch explained that, “Hundreds of nominations are received annually from fellow dealers, automobile manufacturers, and industry suppliers. But only three of the more than 3,200 dealers in Canada win the
Laureate award each year, so it’s an exclusive and prestigious honour.”

Laureate awards are presented each year to one dealer in each of three categories: Ambassadorship, Business Innovation, and Retail Operations. Mr. Ahamed received his Laureate award in the category of Business Innovation, for
initiatives that significantly enhance performance or broaden the scope of business for
new car and truck dealers.

iA Dealer Services, Canada’s leader in finance and insurance consulting to new car and truck dealers, is the Laureate program’s exclusive sponsor. Alnoor Jiwani, Senior Vice-President, acknowledged Aziz Ahamed’s achievement. “Aziz completely changed the structure of his organization in 2016, and set about building a unique culture for his
dealer group. The results have been impressive in terms of revenue growth, along with customer and employee retention. Aziz and his team are constantly introducing new business methods that have a significant, positive impact.”

Laureate award winners are selected by the Ivey Business School at Western University in London, Ontario, from a group of 15 national finalists. Professor June Cotte said, “Leading edge professional human resource management is one of the hallmarks of Aziz Ahamed’s operation. The organization’s ‘professionalism’ is outstanding. They are very
professional in all areas of operations, and they constantly introduce new innovations that contribute to their success.”
Mr. Ahamed received the good news by phone from CADA Chair Perry Itzcovitch, after which he said, “To join this most prestigious family of CADA Laureates, and to have this national recognition, was profoundly humbling. I was overjoyed, and I’m sure my employees will be very happy. The most important thing for auto dealers today is to be reinventing themselves on a continuous basis, whether that be the employees or processes. Our efficiency and responsiveness to the new challenges we face is also key.”

The Canadian Automobile Dealers Association is the national voice of new car and truck dealers in Canada, with headquarters in Thornhill, Ontario, and a government relations office in Ottawa. Its wide-ranging mandate includes helping member dealers improve their overall operations, and implementing initiatives that strengthen the relationship between new car and truck dealers and the communities they serve.

Release Date: July 25, 2019
For more information contact: John White, CADA President & CEO
+1 905 940-4959