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Thank you for participating in the most recent edition of our COVID Impact SurveySee the latest results from the BC Chamber.

Survey Results

  • Impacts on businesses from the COVID-19 pandemic are similar to those reported in previous pulse checks. The most common impact continues to be decreased sales volume, reported by 72% of businesses.
  • 51% (higher proportion than in the past) reporting increasing operating costs, likely due to costs associated with new restrictions.
  • 62% of businesses report that their revenue has decreased by over 25% since the pandemic began.
  • 22% of businesses report that they expect to operate for 6 months or less given current restrictions, support measures, and operating costs.
  • Businesses report that top factors limiting their ability to increase sales or production include:
    • Insufficient domestic demand (50%)
    • Shortage of working capital (25%)
    • Insufficient foreign demand (24%)

Read the full report here.