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In 1996, the SCRAP-IT® program was established with one clear mission – to remove super polluting vehicles from our roads and highways in favour of newer, more fuel efficient and less polluting vehicles.

Last week, I was proud to join program staff and hundreds of guests at a virtual event to celebrate a pair of very important milestones, the first being 25 years of service, through which the BC New Car Dealers are pleased to have been a partner.

Also celebrated was the fact that SCRAP-IT® is now responsible for the removal of more than 50,000 higher polluting vehicles, which is a very positive environmental and financial success story for the province.

SCRAP-IT® is a not-for-profit society focused on clean transportation initiatives in both BC and Alberta.

The organization is largely recognized for its program that allows approved vehicles to be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner, and in doing so – removing all harmful pollutants such as mercury switches, fluids, and tires. However, they also administer the CleanBC Go Electric Transportation Options Program (TOP) which includes rebates for electric bikes, transit passes and car share credits.

Another important and critical function of SCRAP-IT® is bringing awareness to the issue of vehicle emissions and demonstrating the contribution that retiring older vehicles can have on our carbon footprint.

As Diane Roberts, SCRAP-IT® CEO explained, “lined up bumper-to-bumper, 50,000 vehicles would stretch along Highway 1 all the way from Langley to Merritt. It’s a great achievement. It proves that British Columbians are invested in preserving the environment and working together to create a greener future.”

The significance of the occasion was not lost on BC’s Premier John Horgan, who also acknowledged the significant accomplishment, congratulating SCRAP-IT for reaching the impressive milestone and its positive environmental impacts.

Permanently removing any fossil fuel burning vehicle from our roads and replacing it with an electric vehicle creates a significant GHG reduction which has a positive impact on climate change. Every vehicle scrapped has its components properly recycled, thus providing another layer of positive environmental stewardship.

More than 160 New Car Dealerships around the province are currently partnered with SCRAP-IT® to deliver rebates to customers who scrap their vehicles and purchase new or used electric vehicles. The retail value of the electric vehicles purchased in 2020 alone was $92.4 million dollars (BEFORE taxes). Program and qualification details can be found on the website at

Congratulations are in order to the great team at SCRAP-IT®. Our partnership is longstanding, and we look forward to many more years of collaboration to create a better and cleaner future.

Blair Qualey is President and CEO of the New Car Dealers Association of BC. You can email him at [email protected]