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BC’s Strategy Against Auto Theft Paying Dividends

In May, the federal government launched a National Action Plan on Combating Auto Theft, focusing on stricter penalties, intelligence sharing, and allocating $28 million to the CBSA. Auto theft in Canada cost $1.5 billion in 2023. BC has notably reduced theft rates due to coordinated law enforcement efforts. Continued collaboration…
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Car Tracking Devices: Pros and Cons

In today's automotive landscape, where vehicle thefts and safety concerns loom large, many vehicle owners are turning to various anti-theft technologies as a solution. To help stymie this worrying trend and keep their cars safe, owners of highly targeted vehicles may consider installing a personal vehicle tracking device.
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Tis the Season for Camping…In Your Car!

Embark on a Canadian wilderness adventure with car camping! Discover the essentials for selecting the perfect vehicle, transforming it into a cozy retreat, and equipping it with essential gear. From sleeping arrangements to cooking necessities, ensure a comfortable journey. Explore scenic campsites while adhering to safety guidelines for an unforgettable…
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