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As we approach the end of March, we can begin to see longer days and the warmer spring weather. Yet we still find ourselves battling COVID-19 and face restriction across the province, limiting what we may do with our free time. As British Columbians look ahead to an unorthodox spring, this may be the opportunity to start on some much-needed spring cleaning in your household. Afterall, individuals have found themselves home more than ever in the past year. 

Spring cleaning has long been a tradition after the long cold months of winter, but your home isn’t the only thing that needs attention after the winter season. Take this chance to give your car the spring cleaning it needs and deserves. Winter finds roads covered in salt and sand to prepare for poor road conditions and your car inevitably picks this up. Without proper care of your vehicle, you could find damage if it’s not treated. Neglecting this could lead to ruining the paint finish which can turn into corrosion.

As you begin your spring cleaning of your vehicle’s exterior, you may want to focus on thoroughly washing the vehicle’s body, panel gaps, undercarriage, wheel, and wheel wells to flush out salt and sand.

To start, you’ll need to find yourself a large wash bucket, wash mitts, soft-fabric microfibre towels, and proper car soap. When using soap on your vehicle, it’s crucial that you use certified car soap rather than dish soap which contains ingredients that may damage the paint finish.

Not only does springtime allow us to catch up on some much-needed cleaning it gives the chance to touch up any protective coatings. Applying a coat of wax to your car after a thorough cleaning helps bring back that lost shine, and will also protect the vehicle from the hot summer sun, bird droppings, and tree sap.

Once you’ve wrapped up the exterior of the vehicle it’s time to tackle the interior. It’s always important to wipe down smudged glass, dust, and other forms of grime around the windows and console to allow yourself a clear windshield and clean driving area. Make sure to give your floors and seat an extensive vacuum, then use a pressure washer on your mats to remove any salt and dirt build-up.

Though it is not commonly thought about, it’s always good to clean your battery. Over the winter, build-up can form which can negatively affect your battery’s life. Make use of a wire brush and appropriate cleaner. Also make sure to do a flush and refilling of the cooling system and check the condition and pressure of all your tires, including the spare.

If you don’t have the time to undertake this yourself, there are other options available.

You could treat your car to complete spring detailing by going to your local new car dealership which will have an array of detailing services. As customers’ and staff safety is a dealer’s number one priority, COVID-19 measures remain in place. Not only will your car come out with a beautiful clean finish, but you can continue to support a local dealership in these times.

As warmer weather approaches, we can get ready for some fun, spring drives ahead. Please ensure you are following the advice of local health authorities and are travelling in a safe and cautious manner.

Blair Qualey is President and CEO of the New Car Dealers Association of BC. You can email him at [email protected]