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Father’s Day is this Sunday and if you’re still scrambling to find the perfect present for Dad, the auto enthusiast, check out your local car dealership for some gift ideas.

For some dads, their vehicles are essential everyday transportation modes to get the family from place to place. For others, cars are hobby projects to be labored over and worked on. And for others, their cars are pieces of art.

Regardless of how much you have to spend, there are gifts for every budget at your local new car dealership for the car enthusiast dad in your life.

Many dealerships offer auto “spa packages” for interior and exterior detailing services. At the dealership, a professional can turn an old car look new again by removing seat and carpet stains, vacuuming the interior, removing any paint contamination and giving an all-over exterior polish. Make sure to check each dealership’s website for any special promotions on detailing services. Other services like a gift certificate for an oil change or replacing wiper blades are also great gift ideas for a car-loving dad.

Today’s auto market is also chock-full of cool new technology that can be applied to older car models as well for a quick and easy upgrade.

Vehicle backup camera legislation will be coming to Canada starting next year, with rear-view cameras becoming mandatory in all new cars and small trucks in May 2018.  Why not invest in an after-market backup camera for dad this Father’s Day? Backup cameras are handy when parking spots are tight and can make backing up more safe.

For the dad who likes to explore, a GPS system can be a great gift. Some models even come with features like map updates, traffic condition updates and built-in Dash Cams. Having a GPS can also make night driving safer and some models even include advanced lane guidance features to guide drivers to the correct lane for making a turn onto an exit.

Other auto technology gift ideas include Bluetooth tire pressure monitoring systems or a Wi-Fi hotspot for the car (just make sure Dad knows not to use his phone or any other distracting devices while behind the wheel). You can also opt to upgrade his radio or sound system. If it’s Sirius XM equipped, why not add a six month or year subscription for his favourite tunes? Plans start as low as $15.99 a month.

For the less technologically inclined dads, jump starter gear or an emergency car kit will be very much-appreciated gifts when they’re needed. Or a high-end replica of dad’s first car? Numerous websites online offer miniature vehicles for order and a great way to re-live memories.

If your dad has a job that requires driving for long distances, heated seats can make the day more comfortable or purchase Dad a more ergonomic seat if he’s prone to back pain.

Another great idea for Dad is a garage organizer and shelving unit – help him keep the space clean and tidy where he stores his car and auto accessories.

Whether it’s bringing home the baby for the first time, family road trips, sports games or driving lessons, memories are made in Dad’s vehicle for many Canadians.

Visit your local new car dealer for all the latest auto accessories and for more ideas on what to get  Dad this Father’s Day.

Auto note: ICBC estimates that on average, seven youth aged 16 to 19 are killed in crashes from June to August in B.C. every year. As teens start planning their graduation celebrations and summer parties, parents are encouraged to make sure that their teens plan ahead to get home safely this summer.

Blair Qualey is President and CEO of the New Car Dealers Association of BC. You can email him at [email protected].