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Langley, BC – The President of the New Car Dealers Association of BC says changes to the CleanBC Go Electric vehicle purchase rebate program will help the province maintain its leadership position in the sale of zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) across North America.

A revised rebate structure and income testing will make ZEVs more affordable for low-income individuals and families. The maximum rebate is being increased to $4,000 up from $3,000 for lower income customers. Combined with the federal government rebates, up to $9,000 in rebates on EVs will now be available in B.C., significantly reducing the up-front cost of buying or leasing an EV.

Another key element is an increase in the MSRP cap for SUVs and pickup trucks to $70,000, which will ensure a segment of the population that relies on this form of transportation, for work or family, can also benefit from the program.

Blair Qualey says these are positive steps in the right direction. “We know that the price of zero emission vehicles is an obstacle for many consumers, particularly those on the lower end of the income spectrum. So, making clean energy vehicle more affordable for those who may need the most help in making the transition is good news. Likewise, we know there are individuals and families who require a pickup or SUV for work or to shuttle kids around, so increasing the MSRP cap is also a positive step,” says Qualey.

“While we can appreciate that government always faces the difficult position of trying to manage program spending and budgets, we will be watching how changes for higher income participants may impact ZEV uptake.”

The ongoing sustainability of the Go Electric BC Program will be key to long term success and the province meeting its ambitious target of 100% of all light-duty vehicle sales in the province being ZEVs by 2035.

The BC government has established rules for automakers to meet increasing levels of EV sales over the coming years.

The NCDA is proud to administer the rebate program on behalf of the provincial government, through which BC has taken a leadership role in zero emission vehicle (ZEV) adoption in North America. Despite the pandemic and supply chain issues, more than 18,000 rebate transactions were processed last year. Today, there are more than 70,000 ZEVs travelling our roadways and in the first quarter of 2022, more than 17% of new vehicle sales in BC were ZEVs.

“This government has proven to be a valuable partner and our members want to remain an important part in keeping the economy moving, supporting as many British Columbians as possible in making a good choice for the environment through the purchase of a clean energy vehicle,” concluded Qualey.

About the New Car Dealers Association of BC:
The NCDA is the provincial industry association that represents over 400 new car and truck dealers throughout British Columbia. Members of the Association provide over 27,000 family supporting jobs for British Columbians and are responsible for over $15.6 Billion of retail sales in the province. The Association speaks on behalf of the retail new automotive industry to the public, media, and government, and deals primarily with the legal, environmental, and consumer issues relating to vehicle sales in BC.


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