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Updated May 18, 2021

The NCDA is pleased to welcome new member and industry partner, SCRAP-IT.

SCRAP-IT’s mission is to improve the quality of the environment. By partnering with businesses, community leaders and governments, SCRAP-IT creates clean places to live for current and future generations. As a not-for-profit Society operating in both BC and Alberta, SCRAP-IT has successfully delivered provincial, federal and privately funded incentive and rebate programs for over 20 years, while providing solid financial stewardship to over $64 million in funding and grants. In 2020, a significant milestone was reached – 50,000 vehicles scrapped.

The organization is celebrating a 25 year milestone, scrapping over 50,000 vehicles and providing over $49 Million in new and used rebates to BC’s New Car Dealers and their customers.

  • In 2021 alone, SCRAP-IT will be issuing another $15 million in electric vehicle rebates exclusively to customers of New Car Dealer Association members. The last time SCRAP-IT had $15 million for vehicle rebates was back in 2008.
  • The retail value of the electric vehicles purchased from NCDA members (new and used combined) in 2020 alone was $92.4 million dollars (BEFORE taxes).
  • In 2020 there were 2,000 rebates available. 1750 for new and 250 for used electric vehicles. All 2,000 transactions were completed in 2020.
  • In 2021, there are 2,500 rebates available. 2,250 for new and 250 for used electric vehicles.

Celebrating 25 Years and 50,000 Vehicles Scrapped
“Lined up bumper-to-bumper 50,000 vehicles would line up all the way down highway 1 from Langley to Merritt,” explains Diane Roberts, CEO of SCRAP-IT. “It’s a great achievement that proves that British Columbians are really invested in preserving the environment and working together to create a greener future.” Learn more.

Contact SCRAP-IT
Nicki Lewis, Program Manager
Direct Line: (604) 227-5956
Tel office: (604) 273-8552
Toll Free: (1855) 377-7717
[email protected]